Sunlight FlyFF


Please read the rules below! And remember to vote every 12 hours! Click the buttons below:
Server Status: OFFLINE

Chatbox Rules

For Players:
1. Only ENGLISH in the chat
2. Don't swear
3. Don't spam
4. Give your best help to the players that are in need of help
5. Don't ask if server is up, just go check it by yourself
6. Respect the staff
7. DON'T Advertise other servers
8. No Racism in this chat!
9. Don't talk about other servers
10. Don't beg for CM or Owner!

Breaking one of these rules will result in a kick, temporary or permanent ban.

For Xat Moderators:

1. Ban or kick only the players that are violating the rules or are really annoying.
2. Help the players who need help and don't ignore them
3. Don't abuse your CM powers, use them wisely

If a player can prove that a Xat Mod violated any of these rules(with screens and or vids), it will result in being fired as a Xat Moderator.

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