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Experience: 750
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Penya: 750

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Thursday 17th of June 2010:
• We got a NEW HOST, his name is KataKlysm in the chat, but he likes to be called Zach.
• Just be friendly to him, and thank him! He kinda saved the server. (:
• Check the edited Stafflist. His name is BloodInHeaven, this will be his IGN too.
• SERVER IS OFFLINE, we're working on it!

Tuesday 15th of June 2010:
• Jin isn't online in my timezones, but Jazz found another host, I don't know his/her name yet. Haha.
  It's a friend of Jazz, he or she will be our host.
• I don't know anything about him/her yet.
• That host is never online in the Xat, like Jazz told me. If we are lucky he/she will get online.
• If I can't find a new host in 1 MONTH, I'll close the server.
• But that won't happen! Of course not, please help me to find a host.

Saturday 5th of June 2010:

• The server totally crashed, it's weird 'cause everything is working fine,
only the register site doens't show up etc.
• We've to wait till we changed hosts.
• Jin will be our 24/7 No lagg, non Hamachi host.
• We think it will take less than 3 days, but it may take a bit longer.

Friday 4th of June 2010:
• New Chatbox background, made by Yoshi.
• New things we're working on: Features of SLFlyff.
• New banner, made by Roxas. (On the top of this page)

Tuesday 1st of June 2010:

• The rate bug is fixed!
•All the custom drops are fixed.
• The
Cloak Shop + Green weapons + armours 60-105 are added!
• Check this page: Features of SLFlyff.

Monday 31th of May 2010:
EDIT: Some problems with the files, the Cloak shop and greens are deleted. They'll be added
  back later. We're also busy with the custom drops! Like CW and Giants.
• The Cloak Shop + Green weapons + armours 60-105 are added
• Check this page: Features of SLFlyff.
• Thanks to Ratzky, our Pro Developer.

Sunday 30th of May 2010:
• The Cloak Shop + Green weapons + armours 60-105 are gonna be added
• Thanks to Ratzky, our Pro Developer.

Saturday 29th of May 2010:
• The server is NON-Hamachi! Alot thanks to
John, our Co-Owner.
• The Cloak Shop + Green weapons + armours 60-105 are gonna be added REALLY soon!
• Check the Features of SLFlyff.

Sunday 23th of May 2010:

• I'm busy with our new host: Jin. I've to TV him, but I can't connect.
  So it will take a bit longer, I'm srry.
• The server is still online though! Enjoy playing.

Wednesday 19th of May 2010:

• We found a new 24/7 host! We'll set the server up today and tomorrow,
I'll try to do it without a wipe. ^^
The server will be online while this happens.

Tuesday 18th of May 2010:
• I'm the host again, I'll try to find a 24/7 host, but till that happens I'm the host.
• Join SLFlyff01-10, password: 1234, go to register.  to
to register.
You can login if you allready had an account while I hosted earlier. Remember to be connected to Hamachi BEFORE going to the register page. Also change your IP in your neuz.ini or just download the patch.

Monday 17th of May 2010:
• Bye Alexia, if that's your realname.

Sunday 16th of May 2010:

Alexia now really our new host! The server will be online longer + less lag.
• Check Downloads for the new patcher and for the new Hamachi ID's + passwords.

Saturday 15th of May 2010:
• New site page:
Features of Sunlight Flyff. Check it out now!
• New record: 12 players online at one time, if we reach 50 people online, we'll have a HUGE EVENT.
  So keep on voting, and supporting. Thanks from the staff!

Friday 14th of May 2010:
• New Annouchment on the forums! I need YOUR help! Click here to go to the topic.
• New site picture.
• Immortal/Genious has to study, so the Greens have to wait.

Wednesday 12th of May 2010:
• YouTube video isn't made yet, so you can still participate!
Greens lvl 15-60 are added, some mistakes are made so the Greens lvl 60-105 aren't added yet.
But they'll be added Thursday or Friday. Also the Green weapons are gonna be added these days.

Tuesday 11th of May 2010:
• Hey everyone! I'll make a YouTube video today, if you want to participate just contact me later
this day. 'Cause I'm going to school. I'll see you after school, in around 5.5 hours.

10th of May 2010:
EDIT: Some issues with the Shops, Immortal is fixing it, please stay tuned.
EDIT 2: The new Patcher added in Downloads, this is the Patcher with  all the new stuff.
EDIT 3: The Patcher is fully updated.
Alot new items are added to several NPC's:
 - Fashion
 - Greens
 - Green weapons
 - Blinkwings
 - Coral/Azria tickets
• 2% and 3% cards are removed.
• D/C cards removed.
• Prevention cooldown fixed.
• Cheat Engine Activators removed.
• Thank Immortal for his hard work!

Sunday 9th of May 2010:
• I'll add Fashion, Greens, and alot other items to Shops today!
   This will take awhile, but the server will be online.
   Some issues with adding stuff to shops, it'll take longer than I thought.
EDIT: I got help with adding items to Shops from our new Staffmember: Immortal.

Saturday 8th of May 2010:
• Server is online again!
• The new rates are added! 500/500/750, I hope you like it.
• The Buff Pang is fixed, fully level 20 buffs for 2 hours. Also GT and SF are maxed and 2 hours.
I'll add Fashion, Greens, and alot other items to Shops tomorrow!

Monday 3rd of May 2010:
• Sorry people, the server has to be off for a while, I'm going on vacation.
I hope you'll understand it, Greetings.

Copyrighted by Kiki (C) 2010

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